Why Choose AES?
AES is an independent advisory firm that guides small to medium-sized businesses in selecting the best co-employment solution for their unique needs. With the successful development of the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) platform, AES recognized the substantial advantages available to many businesses. But all businesses are not alike. And with hundreds of firms operating as PEOs, selecting the ideal PEO Partner can be time-consuming and costly.
AES begins by conducting a Needs Assessment to understand better each client's unique requirements in four broad functional areas:
  • Payroll, HRIS, and Tax Administration
  • Risk Management and Workers Compensation needs
  • HR and Governmental Compliance
  • Employee Benefits and Benefit Administration
Once we have an agreement on each client's needs, we promise the following:
  • As a team AES will determine the best possible solution for the client's needs
  • AES will use its industry experience to select the best provider PEO to deliver those services
  • AES will continue to monitor the client/PEO relationship to ensure all promises are met

How does AES choose the right PEO for each client? Since 1996, AES has made a successful business of evaluating PEOs and determining the ones that have demonstrated consistent long-term value for their clients. Some of the criteria used to measure the strength of a PEO has been:

  • Long-term financial strength of the PEO
  • Background of the Officers/owners
  • Relationship with their Work Comp Carrier including Risk appetite, tenure, and zones covered
  • Relationship with their Benefits providers, including tenure, renewal history, and zones covered
  • HRIS used and understand full capability
  • Strengths of Customer Service for each geographical area covered
  • The industry/markets they consider prime areas of concentration
  • All services and products they offer
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