Private-equity Backed Global Software Company Ten years ago, we were introduced to AES and agreed to have them evaluate the services of the PEO we were using at the time while paying close attention to our specific business needs at that time. Based on the results of their assessment, we changed PEO’s to gain efficiencies while improving our return on PEO investment. Since then, we have relied on their recommendations to keep us with the best-match PEO for the demanding needs of our growing company.
Southeast Based Manufacturer Almost two decades ago we were faced with the struggle of how to match the vast resources of HR, including exceptional benefits once we spun off from a larger organization to become our own, independent standalone business. Once we met AES they helped us answer two important questions: could we benefit from the services of a PEO, and if so, which one was right for us? We have been a client for 16 years and depend on them to keep us with the best PEO solution for our needs.
Medical Business A prominent spine surgeon who is a long-term AES client and owner of his own medical practice and surgery centers recently noted: “…AES of GA has represented our firm since 2007 and still represents today without interruption. Any decisions and recommendations regarding PEO and benefits will be based on the advice of AES and its executives.”
Multi-state Marketing Organization In 2015 AES was referred to us to help evaluate and potentially consolidate all our locations employee-related services. They took the time to understand our complex organizations’ needs and objectives for the future. AES advised that we use a PEO to achieve our goals. We have been very pleased with the result and appreciate the fact that AES stays involved to make certain all promises from the PEO are kept.