Frequently Asked Questions

AES is an independent advisory firm with a proven solution to the growing problem of rising costs and ever-increasing regulations for small businesses. AES is unique in that it illustrates through comparison how a different delivery platform can enable the business to better address these critical issues. The different delivery platform is called a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). AES’s objective is to empower the business with information necessary to decide if the PEO platform is better for their business. The AES team is expert in the field of PEO, and is noted for their careful attention to distinctions among PEO platforms of the industry. AES is relied upon by small businesses to carefully match their specific business needs with the best-performing PEO. There is no charge to your business for AES’ services.
A PEO is a service provider used by small businesses to curtail the rising cost of insurance (workers compensation and healthcare) while also helping to curb the risk of compliance with ever increasing government rules and regulations impacting small businesses. By using the PEO’s large scale delivery platform small businesses can tap into greater efficiencies and economies of scale to accomplish these objectives.
AES specializes in helping businesses answer this very question. AES will conduct a confidential no-cost evaluation to compare and quantify the difference between your current platform and that of a carefully matched PEO. It is important to note that market trends such as rising costs and heavy regulatory burdens can play a pivotal role in rendering the PEO platform as a better option for many small businesses.
AES realizes that oftentimes insurance brokers have established trusted relationships with their clients. These trusted sources may not be familiar with the PEO platform option and how PEO’s can deliver superior results for their clients. AES welcomes inquiries from these trusted sources and can work with them in determining which platform will be in the best interest of their clients. AES’ objective is to provide a “win” for all.
The expertise of AES is vital in easing the process of answering two important questions: first, can a PEO platform offer enhancements to your business and if so, which platform is best suited? It is invaluable to your business to have an AES-recommended, fully vetted PEO with AES serving as an additional layer of support ensuring your satisfaction long-term.
Anytime is a good time to improve bottom line results by using a well­-matched PEO platform for your business. Your business can be free from the tedious cycle of annual insurance renewals! What could it mean to your business if key staff were able to spend time on mission­-critical tasks instead of annual healthcare renewal or the annual work comp audit? Your business can also eliminate the need and cost of hiring specialized HR talent as the PEO platform can provide access to labor attorneys and additional HR resources. Again, anytime is a good time to use AES to quantify the difference the right PEO can make for your bottom line. This is accomplished through the AES no-cost evaluation.
It depends. Each business achieves results based on their objectives and their strategic match by AES to the best-suited PEO. One result, however, is universal for our client base – long-term cost containment in employment-related expenses with risk protection through HR compliance. The services of AES are vital in matching the needs of the business with the right PEO platform.
No. The client retains ownership of the company and control over its operations and employees. The PEO and client will contractually share or allocate employer responsibilities and liabilities. In general terms, the PEO will focus on employment-related administrative issues and the client will remain responsible and in control of his/her business.
The PEO platform uses pooling to achieve its efficiencies and economies of scale. The IRS mandates that in order to qualify as pooled then everyone in the pool must be paid under the same federal ID number. It is through this mandate that the PEO becomes the provider for your payroll delivery. In so doing your business gains a full scale payroll department, not merely a payroll service. To understand this distinction it is important to learn more via a no-cost AES evaluation.
No. Keeping up with ever-changing HR rules and regulations is the function of an AES-recommended PEO. Protecting the business from gaps or errors in HR compliance is another key role of the AES-vetted PEO. In today’s heavily regulated and increasingly litigious environment, virtually every small business can benefit from additional HR resources and compliance protection. To quantify the value of this feature for your business it is important to learn more via a no-cost AES evaluation.