Risk Management

Our organization had the resources to self-insure for workers compensation as a means of controlling premium costs. The issue, however, was this required a large sum of cash to be held in reserve. Every dollar became crucial to the survival of our business.

We learned from AES how to free cash and acquire premium workers comp insurance, packaged with safety programs and OSHA compliance. The program they recommended gave us a valuable risk management partner in safety and claims. Because of this, we were able to avoid audits, and enjoy better rates than the self-insured program.

We are in much better shape today because of AES.

AES Client

Services Offered

  • No Down Payments, Pay as you go
  • On-Site Safety Evaluations and Training
  • Claims Processing & Resolution
  • Post Accident Drug Testing
  • Return-To-Work Program
  • OSHA Compliance
PEOs simplify the process by eliminating audits and improving cash flow with features like no down payment, pay-as-you-go, and better rates.
Peace of Mind, Achieved.


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Risk Management