Payroll & Tax Administration


In March of 2010, President Obama signed into law the HIRE act, a tax incentive to employers to hire unemployed workers. At the time, I was the General Manager of a small seasonal business and the owner wanted me to investigate how to claim the tax breaks, on top of an already overwhelming array of chores to prepare for the season ahead. We missed the window of opportunity to receive the benefits due to a lack of understanding of the new regulation. Unfortunately for us, we had no available expertise. Looking back, had I known about PEOs and their benefits, I would have recommended we acquire their services for our payroll and taxes, saving us time to focus on core business functions.

Joshua Sangster, AES

Services Offered

  • Preparation of Paychecks
  • Direct Deposits
  • Payroll Deduction Administration
  • Payroll Reports for Management
  • Assumption of Liability & Filing of PR Taxes
  • W-2 Forms
  • State Required New Hire Reporting
  • Paid Time Off Tracking
  • Quarterly Tax Filings
PEOs offer professional, robust payroll systems with tax administration and customized reporting, freeing business owners to focus on what is truly important.

41% of business owners use PEOs to free their time and focus on core business competencies.

So can you.


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