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Mid afternoon on a Friday, one of the managers was missing a letter from an important client. The receptionist, who was also the mail clerk, had left early for the day. While the manager was searching for the letter he discovered an EEOC complaint for wrongful termination. The hearing was the very next Monday afternoon. It so happens, the receptionist and the terminated employee were close friends.

The good news, however, was this problem fell on one of our clients. Over the weekend we pulled together the necessary data and presented the evidence at the Monday hearing. The case was dismissed, the receptionist was let go. The client did not incur any additional fees for this service.

Leon McGowan, CEO, AES


Without the support of a PEO, the client would have been at the mercy of the courts, and completely unprepared for the hearing. However, the PEO provided expert and immediate service.


Hassle adverted. Headache gone.


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