Medical Practice


The service that AES recommended has made it possible for our administrative staff to be free to concentrate their time on increasing reimbursement levels… and for our doctors to do what they love – take care of patients!

AES Client

With EMR in place it takes twice the staff to accomplish our tasks, however, with AES and the solutions they provided, we did not have to hire additional staff.

AES Client

Our practice is able to compete with large hospitals and large practices for our best-qualified staff.

AES Client

These quotes are directly from our medical clients. We provided solutions for their headaches and hassles, and enabled them to focus on what is important; caring for their patients.

  • Healthcare reform
  • Skyrocketing costs
  • Decreasing reimbursements
  • OSHA, HIPPA, EMR Compliance
  • Overwhelming administrative hassles
  • Increasing litigation exposure


Medical Practices have special needs that require unique solutions.

AES provides those solutions.


We offer a no-cost, no-obligation assessment to evaluate if your practice can benefit from our services. You have spent years training to become an expert at helping people. Let us help you.

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